From Dorianne Nelson:
(Classical & New-Spirit Vocalist – Pianist)

I was affected profoundly by my session with Linda, having been lovingly nudged out of the distress I was dealing with at the time.

My body’s tensions eased, and I felt a sense of enLIGHTenment, healing LIGHT, and a new LIGHTness of being, which has remained with me these several months since.

Something within me released and/or shifted, and I’m feeling freed in a subtle yet deep way.

Thank you, Linda.

From Diane S.:

Linda protects and guides the opening of my heart to reflections that are vulnerable to corruption or diminishment by shame or guilt.

She can truly hear with all of her being. Like the diversions of Raven or Coyote, her kaleidoscopic mind is able to sustain, or to disperse, nearly unbearable tension, as she embodies connection to source.

Her kindness is as daring as her authenticity.

Linda’s sense of humor and practical suggestions for self-healing have moved me through my entanglements to where I can read myself more clearly. I am always amazed at her multi-sensory approach, her precise points of intervention, and her generosity.

From John N.:

Linda looked at me, asked my birthday, and then “disappeared” for a moment. When she had found out what she needed to know, she opened her eyes and started talking to me about breathing — “breathe into your eyes”, she said; breathe into my entire torso, right out to the edges of the inside of me… I did, and it felt good.

I used the techniques again that evening at rehearsal (I’m a singer), and it helped me remember how to sing with strength and ease. But most surprisingly, when I kept practicing during the following days, I realized what I was breathing, in and out, was air but also chi.

Just that quickly, she had taught me how to fill my body with healing energy — something I have been in dire need of.

At whatever level she works, she had instantly understood that part of me, given me a tool to make my life easier, and to remember something I had learned, and forgotten, a long time ago.

Linda is pretty darn good at this.

From KBJ:

First Linda asked and listen about the problems I was having with my arm. After a quiet moment, she told me to press my finger tips on the inside of my wrist and I felt immediate relive of the pain. And in the days that followed, I repeat the gesture and after two weeks, it doesn’t hurt any more.

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