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How many transitions…?

How many transitions can you make in a day? How many times have you moved, from here to there, from this to that, from now to then, from who to whom, from why to why not, from how to how not, and then, from there to here, from that to this, from then to now,…

Now what?

What is going on when you seem to be meeting yourself  coming and going?  Where are you then?  Might you be, like a fence, facing both sides at once, simply standing in betwixt and between?

What’s going on?

What’s going on at the EDGE of the box?  What is happening in that space/place/time where and when you are neither inside nor outside, simply insideout?

A ? Of Language

Who said letting go has to be difficult, hard, cataclysmic, catastrophic, shattering, a big deal, instantaneous ? What about organic, easy, a natural process, slowly, gently, perfectly sensational…as between water and stone?