About Linda

Linda Ahzrauhn - Energy Healing, Wellness InstructionsLinda’s Lightening Lessons is a calling, a service, an agency, a practice, a teaching, in the business of wellness instruction.

LLL is designed to fit each individual, and their lifestyle. With Linda’s support, and attention to you and your specific and mysterious circumstances, a new perspective is a likely outcome.

Based on creativity, curiosity and many years with much experience, study, knowledge, with application in her own life, she has proven to herself that her practice is working for her. With this in mind she believes a change requires a choice and she can work well with you, and others who feel drawn to work with her.

She is committed to Wellness and Joy. She has faith in the power of dignity, grace, and reverence, and that everyone has the right to have, feel, act, love, speak, see, and know their very own, unique way of Being Human, in all their relationships with people, places, and things.

Let’s find a better way!

My Experience

Linda @ Psychic Sister Olympia WA

  • Worked as a mental health counselor for 20 years
  • Taught movement in body, mind, and spirit, opening people to their creativity and imagination via self expression in all forms
  • Have been offering wellness instruction since 1984

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